Ida Angelica

April 18, 2013 - Mina skrifter

Bring the places here alive, 
they are so dead to me.
Tell me what happened inside that fence,
down by the schoolyard,
when you were eight?
Tell me about where you had your first cigarette,
and how did that make you feel?
Tell me what bench you fell asleep on
when you got that drunk
that time you told me about.

Where have your fingers touched the concrete?
Where have you consumed the air,
and where did the air consume you?
Tell me where your life has been spent,
divided into little pieces of living.
Memories that will tell people
about who you are,
who you have been
and who you might want to become.
Bring the places here alive.
Fill them with life.

Touch my skin,
leave your fingerprints,
let me wear a part of you
I will take care and cherish your stories forever.



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